Work visa is designed for the allowing the foreign people gain international work experience. Canada is keenly looking for workers and professionals to attain a strong national workforce and is ready for approving work visa to the individuals that are skilled and have required qualifications. Canada is the hot spot destination that offers a great environment to the people of worldwide countries to do the work. Thousands of people come to Canada to work on a temporary basis. We at First Step Immigration offer you the opportunity to apply for work visa in Canada with maximum chances of visa approval. We rank as the most reliable consultant in term of getting approval of work visa for Canada.

Temporary workers program:

  • Work Permit LMIA based
  • Student permit
  • Working holiday

Permanent Workers:

  • Federal skilled workers
  • Trade skilled workers
  • Live in care givers

Canada Work Permit Lmia

The number of immigrants applying for work permit in Canada is increasing each year. The individuals need to obtain the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to apply for any work permit. In order to be able to work in Canada the individual needs to have an offer letter of employment or any contract form and a positive LMIA from Human resource and Skills Development Canada. The LMIA is issued to guarantee that none of the Canadian worker or employee is ignored to contract a skilled laborer from an abroad nation. There are various benefits of work permit visa like it allows calling the family members to work and study in Canada. We provide the best preparation of visa documents for our clients in order to obtain the work visa.


Student Work Permit Canada

Canada has many working programs for students of other countries. Working while studying helps to meet their daily expenses and also allows them to get international experience. There are different type of programs under work permit: on-campus jobs, off-campus job, post-graduate work permit and work permit for the spouse of a foreign student. Any international student in Canada is allowed to work for up to 20 hours in a week. You get the work permit according to the course that you are studying. There are various options to stay and achieve great experience after completion of the course of study. You can also apply for post work permit within 90 days of getting the transcript of passing the course and a notification from the institution that clarifies your ability to work.


Canada Working Holiday Visa

The Canada working holiday visa is offered by the CIC to the young people all around the world to get an international opportunity to work in Canada. This work permit is valid for the maximum of 2 years. The working holiday visa does not require any job offer letter to qualify. If you are between the age of 18 to 35 then getting the Canada working holiday visa is the best option to work abroad. The length of validity varies based upon your country of citizenship. The only thing to note about this visa is that it does not allow the individual to work in the field of health care or with children. The person receiving this visa can stay and work legally in Canada.


Live In Care Giver Visa Canada

This type of visa is for those people that take care of children, elderly people and mentally or physically challenged people in private homes without any supervision in Canada. To apply for this visa the individual needs a written contract from the future employee which is signed by the employer and the person himself/herself. The primary requirement for this visa is at least 6 months of training in childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing or first aid or at least 1 year of experience as a caregiver in last 3 years. They must also have a good understanding of both English and French to read and communicate.