The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration category for Canada’s temporary foreign workers who wish to become permanent residents of Canada. The temporary foreign workers are likely to establish and get a permanent stay in Canada. Having gained Canadian work experience, these individuals have already settled in the society and also have established an important network in their communities as well as their career. The candidate has to apply online by creating their profile on the Express Entry. We help you in getting the work visa for Canada and work leagally for a long time in Canada.

There are some basic requirements that the applicant must meet for applying:

  • They must have acquired at least one year of experience of skilled, professional or technical work experience of Canada within 36 months of application date.
  • Meet or even surpass Canadian language benchmark of 5 to 7 depending on the level of their job
  • Plan to live and work outside the province where they are currently living

First Step Immigration provides the best guidance for applying and making the best profile that has more chances of getting selected and attain a permanent residence in Canada. Our immigration service for CEC helps you to effectively apply and create the most attractive profile in the express entry portal.