A visitor means that the person who is not a Canadian citizen, but can lawfully stay in Canada for temporary purpose. The tourist needs to obtain a visitor visa for Canada before appearing at the Port of Entry (POE). The Canada tourist visa or visitor visa may be for a single entry visa and multiple entry visa. This visa is granted for a maximum time duration of six months. There are a number of consultancies that will offer you immigration service, but we differ from them in the case of excellence and reliability as we are considered the most promising and dependable immigration visa consultant for Canada.

Various eligibility criteria to obtain visitor visa for Canada:

  • Have a valid passport
  • No criminal record
  • Do not pose a security risk to the country
  • Good heath and normal medical reports
  • Have sufficient financial resource that you can afford your stay as well as return tickets
  • Ensure your return to home after the visit
  • Prove your intention to leave Canada at the end of the stay
  • No intention to seek job while in Canada

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