We at First Step Immigration provide consultancy to obtain student visa in Canada. We also help the students for applying in the best universities, according to the qualification where the student is likely to get admission. The Indians who are foreign nationals may study in Canada without a study permit based upon their right to entry into Canada. No matter where you are in India, we will provide you complete guidance in the application process of your visa. Year of hard work and dedication has made us the highest rate best consultant for Canada, Australia, UK, USA, etc. in guiding the students and employees attain visa in the country they desire.


There are various benefits of studying in Canada:

  • Affordable tuition and living cost compared to any other first world countries
  • Canada is considered as one of the best place to live in the United Nations because of its peaceful living lifestyle
  • World class education system renowned for skilled professors and teaching for students
  • Multicultural and bilingual society that provides the home-like feeling
  • Lots of opportunities in research and innovative technology
  • Great quality life style, both in-campus and off-campus
  • Many recreational activities because of having many immigrants
  • Clean environment
  • Top technology advancement
  • Highly safe culture for people of other countries

Some eligibility criteria to get a student visa in Canada:

    • Your application must be accepted by the designated learning institution of Canada
    • You must be having a no criminal record in the database of any country.
    • Your medical reports must be clear showing complete good health
    • You must convince the immigration officer that you will leave Canada soon after completion of your course

Prove that you have sufficient funds for:

  • Pay your tuition fees
  • Accommodation expenses till you stay in Canada
  • Transportation fund to return to your home country