A business visitor is someone who visits Canada for executing their business activities without entering the labour market of Canada. This business purpose includes visiting any site, attending a meeting with the client of a company or for other reasons like attending training sessions conducted on sales, business transaction and use of the product. The application for visitor visa for Canada can be applied through a paper application or online application. This application takes a few weeks to process the visa. The time for processing the visa depends on the office that conducts the immigration process and the interview that you may have to face with the interviewer. We are the best visa consultant for Canada offering you the smoothest services for processing your visa application to do any kind of business Canada.


The visitor must possess the following in order to be eligible for a business visitor visa:

  • No plan to stay for more than 6 months
  • Not to work in the market
  • Have sufficient funds to stay and return back
  • Have a valid passport
  • Reports for medical examination that shows your fitness
  • Convince the officer that you will leave the country in specified time

Purpose for the visit can be:

  • Buy Canadian good or service
  • Take order of goods and service
  • Attend a meeting or conference
  • Getting training in the Canadian company
  • Obtain instructions and demo of product or equipment bought by the company

First Step is the best one-stop destination for various candidates who need to apply for a visitor visa for Canada to conduct any professional business. The processing time of visa depends on the country of your citizenship and it can vary from 8 to 133 days. The standard visitor visit has replaced other visitor visa for family, child, sports, etc. We give our best in order to achieve the visitor visa of Canada for our clients.