Canada, the hot favorite destination of people for pursuing their studies, do job, start their business and to visit various beautiful, eye pleasing locations. Canada is the most famous place for doing their further studies and attains their masters and PhD. Degree. There are various reasons that the student prefers Canada over other countries to study there. In this year number of student have attained their student visa and got the opportunity to study in Canada, Australia, Europe, USA, etc. Even for 2018, large amount of students and workers are looking for a way to gain their visa for study or work in the country they desire. All this rush for student visa is because of the various benefits they offer. First Step has now become a main name for their success rate as the best consultant for Canada, USA, Australian visa to immigrate, visit, work or gain a permanent residence in that province.

Below are some main key points that attract students to get a student visa and study in Canada:

  1. Affordable Education Cost

The living standards are of high quality in Canada and rank among the highest position in the world. The cost of tuition and university fee is less compared to other countries like USA, UK, etc.

  1. You can get a scholarship

The main point of benefit that students get is the scholarships that are offered by the educational organizations. Most of the universities and colleges offer significant occasions for the international students to attain scholarships and reduce their education cost.

  1. Easy to get student visa

The process to get student visa is kept simple and easy for the betterment of the students and provide them a great opportunity to study in Canada. If the student has received the admission letter from the university or college the chances of getting student visa for Canada also increases.

  1. Great campus life

One of the best things is that there are number of functions and events organized in the colleges and universities of Canada. This helps the students to mix up with the culture and tradition of their surroundings.

  1. Employment opportunity

Another benefit of studying in Canada is that on student visa the student can work legally for 20 hours in a week and full time during the vacations. They are offered number of job opportunities to work part time in off campus locations.


These are various benefits that are offered by the Canadian government and due to them the students try to attain their visa. The spouse of a student even gets benefit as the spouse can go with their spouse by gaining the spouse student visa. We are the approved student visa consultant for Canada providing complete guidance and support to study in Canada through the special benefits. We help them select among various colleges or top universities and meet the requirements to get the Study Visa for Indian Students in Canada. First Step makes your Canadian Student visa process easier with the help of our overseas and skilled consultants.